Jahde Leather Atelier's Commitment to Sustainable Alligator Sourcing

At Jahde Leather Atelier, we believe luxury shouldn't come at the cost of our planet or its inhabitants. This commitment extends to our entire production process, including the sourcing of materials like American Alligator for our popular Peninsula Cuff.

We understand the concerns surrounding the ethical treatment of animals and the impact on ecosystems. That's why we've built our reputation on responsible sourcing practices, ensuring every piece you wear from Jahde Leather Atelier reflects our values.

Transparency and Sustainability:

Our American Alligator hides are sourced exclusively from farms that adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the American Tanning & Leather LLC  and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). These regulations ensure:

    • Legal and sustainable harvesting: All hides come from regulated farms, ensuring no wild populations are impacted.
    • Humane treatment: Farm practices prioritize animal welfare, adhering to strict guidelines for living conditions, handling, and euthanasia.
    • Environmental responsibility: Farms implement sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact and promote ecosystem health.

Beyond Regulations:

We go beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements. We actively seek out partners who share our values and prioritize responsible practices. This includes:

    • Traceability: We maintain complete transparency in our supply chain, allowing us to track the origin of each hide and ensure its ethical procurement.
    • Community engagement: We support farms that contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of local communities, aligning with CITES's vision of sustainable use benefiting both people and wildlife.



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